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Hi. If you want to entertain your little boy or girl and if you want them to love studying, download this ebook with comics and colorinig pages

because I created it by combining my experience as a teacher with my artistic background.

free ebook

What you will find in this ebook:

alienino free ebook

a hilarious comic strip, all hand-drawn, about a funny alien from space and his friends
(printable also separately, even double-sided without leftovers)

alienino free ebook

eight fun coloring pages, each as big as a page, that you can print out
(printable separately and with no limit on the number of copies: we are not afraid of messing with colors)

alienino free ebook

and then, while the children are playing with Alienino, I’ll tell you something important about learning, storytelling, and children, that I’ve understood and experienced during my teaching career

Here are a few testimonials from those who have already read the ebook:

Sparkling and interesting teaching tool.

Alienino is new, sparkling and curious as a child. Its unpredictable and funny story captivates and leads to identify with the characters of the adventure. Alienino is able with his sympathy to capture children and adults and is an interesting educational tool.

Chiara F.

philosophy teacher

So beautiful, the Alienino!

So beautiful, the Alienino! Can’t wait for the next adventure. His friends too, drawn well and also well characterized. Applause.

Maria Grazia M.


Very funny

I’ve downloaded the comic and read it several times already…and I’m a childless adult!

Stefano N.

graphic designer

free ebook

Technical Info:

  • pdf ebook
  • A4 size (= normal page)
  • 74 full color pages
  • viewable on any device
  • you can download, store and use it whenever you want
  • you can print it double-sided without left-over pages
  • by filling out the form at the bottom of this page you will receive the ebook directly in your mailbox (you will receive an email with the ebook attached)

Plus+ benefit

By downloading this free ebook you will join the Alienino email group and in this way you will receive every month* a free magazine in which we will talk about children, their learning, school, fiction, games, as well as tips, mistakes to avoid, and much more. And, in addition to the free magazine, you’ll receive information about Alienino news, the products I create (both free and purchasable), events, initiatives, and everything else related to the Alienino and his world
* I’ll send you an average of 1 email per month (usually on the 10th of each month) and, if you write to me, I’ll read and answer your emails personally.

free ebook
  • I wrote this ebook, and I also created and drew the comic, it’s 100% free, and it’s virus and threat free.
  • I personally write all emails and magazines, and both emails and attachments are virus and threat free.
  • The email-group/newsletter is completely free, and you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the word “unsubscribe” found at the bottom of any of my emails.
free ebook

The Alienino, since arriving on Earth, likes to take care of everyday activitiesā€¦ like going to the market to buy fresh vegetables of all kinds.

free ebook

He also loves doing all those activities that humans do, trying to learn as much as he can about Earth’s culture, its science, its customs, and its strange inhabitants.

free ebook

And, in his free time, after taking care of his pet vegetables and growing his mold, Alienino loves to draw, color, read, and enjoy the arts.

If you like what you’ve read and if you want to entertain your child with the Alienino, download the ebook for free:

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